Made From Manchester

Made from Manchester has been created by two teenagers looking to raise money for a good cause using their love of fashion, style and all things Manchester. Callum Ballantine is a 19 year old student who decided to team up with his fellow 19 year old, best friend and fashion enthusiast Samir Kamani to set up a brand that style conscious Mancunians will wear with pride. All sales of their Made From Manchester clothing line will raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust. This charity helps young patients suffering from cancer going through treatment feel more like independent teenagers on their own ward, with their own great facilities to accommodate their adolescent lifestyles. Teenage Cancer Trust recognises that young people in the prime of their lives can be affected by this awful disease and helps them remain living teenage lives whilst going through treatment. This is done by providing life changing care and support so young people don’t have to face cancer alone.
The soon to be iconic brand ‘Made From Manchester’ was set up for Mancunians to proudly show off where they come from. It’s for those born and raised in Manchester and happy to support a brand created in their city. There are those too who arrive in Manchester as students, sports idols, musicians and other celebrities that have rapidly transformed into lifelong adopted Mancunians. They too are Made from Manchester and everything it stands for.
ALL profits made by the business will be going towards a fund for Teenage Cancer Trust. So if you buy any stock from our website, you will directly be making a difference to the lives of young people suffering from cancer.

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All proceeds go to the Teenage Cancer Trust.